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Friday, December 12, 2008

Foto Friday: Skyscape

Sunset Skyscape, Maui, Summer 2008Sunset Skyscape, Maui
Summer 2008

I love this picture, and saved it until I could jigger with the colors on a nice bright screen (rather than my laptop screen). Note that the rainbow appears broken -- I didn't notice it at the time, and can't explain it. I took several pictures, and it looks similar in all of them.

This was taken in July or August (I got very bad about logging my photos) in Kihei on the beach behind the Kauhale Makai condominiums, which you see there. The lights in the windows are reflections of the sunset behind me. I didn't notice those at the time, either. Some of the other photos show more detail in the clouds, but no reflections. I like the look it gives the photo -- like a dark, brooding Scottish castle, only in sunny Hawaii.

This was taken less than half a mile northward of last week's picture, still on the same nasty beach. But the nasty beach has much better views inland than the better beach, to the north.

Of course, when you're walking on the beach at sunset, you don't generally look inland. I vaguely remember snapping several shots of the ho-hum sunset and then turning around and holy cow!

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