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Friday, December 05, 2008

Foto Friday: Ripple

Sunset, Waipuilani Beach, Maui, Sept. 2008Sunset, Waipuilani Beach, Maui
September 2008

Waipuilani Beach Park is a tiny little park on a crummy, rocky, seaweedy, smelly beach. There is what looks like a fish pond there, though I couldn't google up any mention of it, and at high tide the water just covers the rocky walls, creating tiny ripples from both left and right, making a V pattern on top of the wall.

That's what you're supposed to be seeing there, but the ripples refused to be synchronized with the shutter, so you don't see those on the left very well. Stupid waves.

The land on the right is Pu'u Kukui, on Maui; on the left is the island of Lanai. Off to the far right is a windsurfer. In the middle is the sun.

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