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Friday, December 19, 2008

Foto Friday: Prepare for Purple

Got a fresh hot package of photos back from the lab, and there's a big smokin' stack of these:

Sunset, November 2008, MauiSunset, November 2008, Maui

That's Mai Poina Oe Iau Beach again.

That's...colorful, isn't it? Sometimes I see postcards that look like this, and I always think, "Aww, they cheat -- they've used some kind of filter." But no filter here; I have a sky 1B and a polarizer on my lenses, but when it gets this dark I have to take them off. So that's what it really looked like.

That is, that's what the film thinks it looked like. I don't remember it quite so purple. This is 100 ASA Velvia, which apparently does purple really well.

I blew about a third of a roll on this one sunset, so you may see others in the series again. I had six or seven rolls developed, and a good percentage of the shots are like this. Gets a bit tedious after a while. "Ho hum, beautiful sunset. What else is there?"

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