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Friday, August 10, 2007

Foto Friday: Da-Da-Da-Da Da-Da-Da-Da Bat Flower!

A while back I mentioned the Tropical Gardens of Maui (still for sale! act now!), where I was able to photograph the possibly rare (and maybe even deadly for all I know) Bat Flower. (Check this out. I'm pretty sure that attacked Spock on Gamma Trianguli VI. Yes! Look!)

Bat Flower, Maui, Sep. 2003Bat Flower
Maui, Sep. 2003

It was dark in there under the trees, and I was surprised this picture turned out as well as it did. I didn't have my tripod with me; I held my breath and hoped for the best.

This would make a splendid addition to the Creepy Garden. When I lived in California I would admire my neighbors' gardens, and dream of what kind of garden I would have if I were ever fortunate enough to win some sort of product liability lawsuit, and thus be able to afford a house in California. I wouldn't have one of your ordinary gardens filled with cutsie flowers. For one thing it's very dry in California, and the cutsie flowers die. And for another thing I'm very lazy, and would forget to water them.

No, I would have bushes pruned and twisted into hideous shapes that would scare little children in the twilight. And some disturbing sculpture. And trees with leaves the color of dried blood. And a circular bed of white roses, with a single red rosebush off center. Why? Just to make you wonder why.

And, of course, the Bat Flower.

Which I would forget to water.

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