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Friday, May 27, 2011

Foto Friday: Oh, Chute!

On days I'm not working, I write in my diary on the deck at sunset. I keep my camera with me just in case anything interesting should happen. Yesterday I heard shouting, which is unusual in my neighborhood. Bleating, whinnying, mooing, barking, and cockadoodling -- those are not unusual. But shouting is. So I looked up to see this:

Paragliders at sunset from home, May 2011
Ouch! Do not land in the spiky trees.

Wheeeee! Looks like fun! You go first.

Look, you can see the strings!

There were two yesterday, and two again today. They are aiming for the park below. Sometimes they end up in the neighbor's yard. Sometimes they end up on the highway.

(By the way, the image names say "parasail". Afterwards I realize they are really paragliders. Parasailing is what you do on the water. Oh, well.)

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