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Friday, March 11, 2011

Foto Friday: Tsunami Edition

I was very popular the night of the tsunami. Everybody I work with either called or turned up. I stopped work for about half an hour around the estimated tsunami time, and made everything safe, just in case we lost power. But when nothing happened I just went back to work.

This tsunami wasn't as big a nothing as our last one. Apparently there was water up to a quarter mile inland in Kahului. Someone found a big sea turtle washed up on the road.

Anyhow, here is a lovely non-tsunami photo. This was taken on Tuesday morning (I think) after days of rain. There's a bit of a rainbow on the right. Sometimes I wake up early in the morning, after a few hours' sleep and look outside. If there's a good picture I snap it, and go back to bed. I think I broke out the AE-1 for this one. Can't get good rainbow pictures without a polarizer.

Morning Rainbow, March 2011

I was really getting tired of looking at the close-up of the strawberry every time I brought up the blog. Especially after Niles said it looked like a diseased tongue.

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