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Friday, October 29, 2010

Foto Friday: The Most Sinc--er--Scenic Pumpkin Patch in the World

I do not think this counts as a "sincere" pumpkin patch, inasmuch as (I believe) the pumpkins did not grow as you see them, but were placed there. Those don't look like pumpkin leaves. However, you must admit that this is one of the more scenic pumpkin patches in the world.

Kula Farms pumpkin patch, Oct 2009Kula Farms pumpkin patch, Oct 2009

Here's another view. That's Kahoolawe in the background of both pictures. These were taken from Rice Park, across the road, on a dark day.

Kula Farms pumpkin patch, Oct 2009
This place is packed on October weekends, with cars lining the highway on both sides. It's been pretty busy on weekday afternoons, too. This picture was taken on a Monday, when they're closed. I look forward to Tuesday, when I can buy a quart of strawberries without having to push through a pack of pesky pumpkin pickers.

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