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Friday, October 15, 2010

Foto Friday: A Moo with a View

If this picture looks a little funny, it's because it's a blow-up of a photo taken from a moving car.

Cows on Haleakala, Jan. 2009Cows on Haleakala, Jan. 2009

This is a very nice view, what with the cows and all. The red hill behind them is actually an old cinder cone; sometimes they stand on it, and then it's really cool. That's the West Maui Mountains in the background, and behind them, Lanai.

But there are few places to park nearby, so it's hard to get a photo. Also, the best light is in the morning, when I'm in bed.

But one day we happened to be working during the day (if you can imagine), and I snapped this as we zoomed past. The no-nonsense fellows I was working with would not have been interested in stopping for pictures of cows, but they did stop to buy some flowers further up.

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