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Friday, August 27, 2010

Foto Friday: Are You Looking at Me?

Between civilization in Kula and Haleakala National Park lies the deadly cattle range. Cattle guards keep the cows out of the park, and out of Kula, but in between they are free to wander onto the highway. It's a special thrill, on a foggy night, to come out of a hairpin turn and see a cow standing serenely in the road. A colleague of mine once saw a sports car breeze past him and two other vehicles, only to hit a calf amidships.

Cattle range on Haleakala, Oct 2009Cattle range on Haleakala, Oct 2009

This one is keeping a wary distance from the road, and from nosy photographers.

What? Oh, yes, Foto Friday has been AWOL for a while, hasn't it? I've just been too danged lazy to select and edit the photos. There have been complaints. Apparently now I have two whole readers -- a 100% increase!

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