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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bonus Fotos: Bitter Clinger Edition!

...or, Tommy takes his life into his hands

My pal Tommy G, a brave man, took me down to the rifle range at Ukumehame(*) today, and we had a blast.

Plus, fun.

Tommy brought his camera as well as his guns. Here, for the first time on the interwebz, is a picture of me. Drink me in!

Yes, I wore my silly whale-watching hat (I was expecting stronger sunshine). Tommy took a photo of me -- which you will NOT see -- firing the pistol, and I look like Aunt Myrtle confronting a robber. "Oh my stars, make my day, young man."

No, I do not know what kind of rifle this is, except that it was a .22. All .22s today, lest the recoil be too much for my delicate frame (or, Tommy figured I couldn't make too big a hole in him with a .22).

He was safe, but I received a wound: I put my elbow down on some freshly ejected brass, which turns out to be very hot. It hurt, but I managed not to shriek and wave the pistol about in my pain.

Here's Tommy with the Ruger pistol.

Tommy had scopes on the rifles, so it wasn't very challenging to hit the target (not that I did it consistently). The pistol was another matter. It took me a long time to figure out the sights, and I had to start over again every reload. By the time I got it sighted again, I was out of bullets.

A very fun day, and Tommy only had to remind me two or three times not to point the pistol at him. Later in the summer we will go again, taking the heavier artillery. Watch out, polar bears!

(*) Hawaiian for "Great deals on lush tropical real estate!"

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