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Friday, April 23, 2010

Foto Friday: Fresh Fruit

This fruit stand is along the Kula Highway. I sometimes go there for fruits and veggies. This was taken on an unusually clear day. The flowers in the foreground are proteas.

Kula Country Farms, Maui, Dec. 2009

They grow some stuff there (strawberries now, pumpkins in the fall, corn too I think), but mostly they buy from local farmers. They have charming displays for holidays, but I'm afraid the port-a-pottie kind of ruins the effect. Wish they'd decorate it.

Bonus pointless anecdote: Words spoken, by me, while digging in the fridge this morning: "You're a lime! I accuse you of being a lime!" The lime did not deny it.

This was shot on cheaperino Fuji Superia 400. Try not to look at the colors directly; they may damage your retinas. I didn't touch the saturation, or even the contrast. I am still working out what it is exactly that makes the more expensive film worth the price, since the results I get seem uncorrelated to film type (at least, for print film). Maybe if you do studio work only, where you can control the colors and lighting, you see the difference.

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