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Friday, March 19, 2010

Foto Friday: Vanishing Point

Hmmph. I make this image extra big, and Blogger shrinks it. Click for bigger.

West Maui Mtns from N. Kihei Rd. Mar 2009West Maui Mtns from N. Kihei Rd.
Mar 2009

It's unusual for the tops of the mountains to be free of cloud so late in the afternoon.

The ocean's just off the frame to the left here, Kealia Ponds wildlife refuge on the other side of the road. The thing that looks like a lighthouse in the distance is part of the power station.

This is one of those rare pictures where I felt compelled to desaturate the color a little bit. Looked too brilliant. Film (yes, film) was Provia 400, for those who want to know those things.

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