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Friday, February 12, 2010

Foto Friday: No Snow in 5-0

Today's FF comes to you courtesy of Tim Blair, who links to a story suggesting that there will be snow on the ground by the end of the week in all fifty states.

Tim's commenter Bruce asks, "Is there snow in Hawaii this time of year?"

Why, yes!

Mauna Kea from Haleakala, Jan 2009

Here's a close-up:

Snow on Mauna Kea, Jan 2009

Click for a bigger picture. The lumpy white stuff on top of the mountain is not clouds, but snow on the cinder cones.

The banner on this site shows a snowy scene on Mauna Kea, and underneath the rotating image in the middle are links to various galleries that may have snow scenes.

As I type, the temperature is hovering around freezing, which is actually kind of warm for Mauna Kea. The forecast is for dry conditions for the next five days, so it looks as if the fifty snow-covered states are out.

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