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Friday, November 27, 2009

Foto Friday: W-W-W-WIPEOUT!

Since last week's FF was AWOL, today's FF will be in fabulous QuadroVision!

These pictures were taken at Ho'okipa Beach Park in May of this year. They're hand-held shots using a 70-200mm zoom at 200mm, so they're not the sharpest pictures in the world.

However, I am now convinced I need a longer lens, so I may capture the stark terror of man meeting ocean at high speed.

First up, a fellow making it look easy.

Next, a beautiful spray. Several surfers fishtailed their boards, presumably to achieve just this effect. I began to "help" them with my camera, "pushing" them up with the lens when they started to fall. I don't think this works. But it didn't ruin the photos, like I thought it would.

I'm not entirely sure what this man is up to. He's either performing an amazing gymnastic feat, or he's half a second from falling on his can. Possibly both. Nice spray, though.

And, finally, the classic wipeout.

Pictures almost as nice as mine here.

(This FF was delayed while I spent about fifty flippin' hours getting the image/text alignment right. There's still more space between the images than I want, but to hell with it. Interested/frustrated parties may read the six-year-old solution here. Look for the answer by "Birdman".)

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