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Friday, October 09, 2009

Foto Friday: Cloud Cap

Have you ever seen a cloudcap like this, or this? (Both Mt. Rainier there.) Ever wonder what they might look like from the mountain top?

Like this:

Beneath Haleakala's Cloud Cap, March 2009Beneath Haleakala's Cloud Cap
March 2009

My fair companion Tommy G was working with me that day. I don't remember what the sky was like when we arrived at the summit. We went in for a bit, came outside and...holy cow! Thin shells of cloud were flowing across the mountain top. Tommy, bless his heart, urged me to take pictures while he began our work.

This was the first time I wished I had a video camera. Still pictures really can't capture the beauty and wonder of these clouds.

After a few minutes it was gone, and the sky cleared completely. (Only to cloud up again later, and become very wet and eventually icy.)

I raised the blue and cyan saturation here. It looks much better, but I felt a little guilty until I pulled out the slide and found that it was really blue.

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