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Friday, September 04, 2009

Foto Friday: April Fool!

Ha ha! You thought there wasn't going to be a foto today, didn't you? You probably thought it was flippin' Tuesday already, the 8th, and Friday was daaays ago. Shows how much you know.

No, it doesn't matter that it's September, this was taken on April 1st this year:

Sunset from North Kihei, April 1, 2009

I remember this sunset. I had loaded up the camera with cheap -- sniff -- consumer-grade Fuji Superia 400, because I wanted to take pictures of something too unimportant to blow good film on. Don't remember what that was, now. And then I went and shot the whole roll on this one sunset, which you must admit was pretty cool.

The striping effect is from shadows cast by clouds onto other clouds.

Ah, Kihei. Hot, muggy, smelly Kihei. I remember taking walks along the beach, trying hard not to twist my ankle on the coral, or step on a dead fish, or into a decaying pile of seaweed. And then going home to my sweaty little lair and listening to the neighbors scream. How I don't miss it.

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