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Friday, August 07, 2009

Foto Friday: Fat Fruit

Avocados, Maui, July 2009Avocados, Maui, July 2009

Today, fatty balls of nature's goodness. Tomorrow (well, Tuesday) deadly organic projectiles from HELL! We're expecting a tropical storm, and the avocados have me surrounded.

(On the other hand, if the power goes out and supplies can't get through and I run out of food, at least I'll be up to my ankles in guacamole!)

Long-time residents I've talked to are all extremely nonchalant about the oncoming doom. When Rita was bearing down on Houston in 2005, I couldn't look at the soap swirling down the bathtub drain without quivering. There's a hurricane in the tub! Flee! (This is true; you'll remember that Rita was three or four weeks after Katrina.)

By the way, I'm rather proud of this picture. I finally figured out what the focus ring was for. Hey, look! I can move this, and the avocados are in focus, but the background isn't! Neat! Most of my pictures are focused at infinity. I sometimes contemplate gluing the ring there.

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