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Monday, July 06, 2009

A Lesson in Geography

Instapundit writes:

And here’s a report from Sunnyvale, California: “For several hours, the sidewalks around the intersection at Stevens Creek and Winchester boulevards were clogged with crowds..."

Except that the intersection of Stevens Creek and Winchester is in San Jose, not Sunnyvale. A Sunnyvale man is quoted at the top of the article, leading to Glenn's confusion.

I post this EXTREEEME trivia because
a) I am always nostalgic for Silicon Valley, and
b) I'm trying to stay awake for 45 more minutes.

I am still in the midst of moving. I am now safely lodged in the new home. I love it. For one thing, I am now safe from tsunamis, here on the volcano.

The mountain decided to herald my arrival with an earthquake. 3.5, I believe. No tsunamis are known to have resulted.