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Friday, July 31, 2009

Foto Friday: More View for You

What's that I hear you say? "Let's see more of that great view, Angie!" Why, glad to oblige!

Sunset over Maalaea Bay, July, 2009Sunset over Maalaea Bay, July, 2009

The island of Lanai is in the background. I had to go out into the road to get that one. I have a more spectacular sunset that I didn't have to get out of the chair to capture. I'll post that in a week or two.

When I was looking for a place to live I'd see places advertised as having a view, and thought, "View, Schmiew. I don't need no stinking view. I do want walls of my own: no sharing." But it's nice to have a view.

I had forgotten how very very much I missed living in the country. It's so quiet and peaceful. It reminds me of my grandmother's house. You could bathe in the silence in that place. (Grandma had a sweeping view of majestic...cornfields.)

The other night I was lying in bed and heard...footsteps. Very slow footsteps in the grass outside. Oh, no! Someone's prowling around! I waited for a moment, and then I heard, Phlphlphlphlp! It was the landlady's horse.

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