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Friday, May 01, 2009

Foto Friday: Do You Canoe?

I realized too late that this is a really lousy scan. I needed the film in a hurry so I took it too the drug store, where they scan it at about half the resolution they ought to. But I didn't have time to dig out a new picture.

Canoes on Maui, Mar, 2009

These canoes belong to the Maui Canoe Club. They look so dashing drawn up onto the beach that everytime I go by I think, I should get a picture of that. So when I got my new lens (this is taken with the 17mm lens) I made sure to get shots of them. I don't think they turned out well; I didn't capture the dashing. (I was testing out the lens, and was in a hurry.)

What you might not be able to see from the lousy scan is that the outriggers have little eagle heads on them. For cute! Er, I mean, dashing.

(You note the darkness at the right-hand corners? That's vignetting from -- I hope -- the polarizer. The lens is so wide that it sees the edges of the polarizer! I have to get a special slim polarizer for it, which cost a bundle. Sigh. More toys! Handy hint: pick a hobby where you never run out of things to buy. It's more fun that way.)

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