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Friday, March 20, 2009

Foto Friday: Surf Nazis Must Die!

One of WWII's more obscure skirmishes came when a group of specially-trained German windsurfing paratroopers were dropped by Japanese forces off the coast of Hawaii, as a prelude to the invasion of the islands.

It didn't go well.

Windsurfers at Ho'okipa, Maui, July 4, 2008Windsurfers at Ho'okipa, Maui
July 4, 2008

OK, no, that's just Ho'okipa on the Fourth of July. But they do look like they're attacking, don't they?

By the way, this was posted on Friday the 20th, and if you don't remember seeing it then, it must be because the Nazi windsurfing paratroopers have brainwashed you.

Make that Nazi windsurfing ninja paratroopers. Now we're cookin'!

By the way, Surf Nazis Must Die is the name of a real movie. It's allegedly not very good.

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