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Friday, March 27, 2009

Foto Friday: Sunset, on the Rocks, Twist of Orange

This isn't a very good picture (it's under-exposed), but thanks to the scaling, you can't tell!

Sunset at Mai Poina Oe Iau Beach, Maui, Nov., 2008Sunset at Mai Poina Oe Iau Beach, Maui
Nov., 2008

I love pictures where the sky reflects in the sand. I get this accidentally; every time I try to do it, it doesn't quite work out.

On the far right, a headland on Maui; to the left of that, the island of Lanai; just visible over on the far left, the island of Kahoolawe.

For ten years or so, Niles has had a Hawaii calendar to keep track of his appointments and so forth. Last year I sorted through the available selection to find a good one. my pictures are better than! One calendar had a picture of this very scene (on a different day), but it was a good picture, with the rocks gleaming gold in the sunset. Man, wish I could do that.

It now occurs to me that taking the picture while the sun is still up might help. Write that one down! (I usually end up taking more pictures after it has set, when the cloud colors are prettier, as here.)

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