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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I, Like, Totally Pledge!

Oh. My. God. Take a gander at this, if you dare. Over four minutes of "celebrities" pledging to do various things, culminating in their mutal pledge to serve Obama. I'm not kidding. OBEY! Remember when dissent was the highest form of patriotism? Neither do they.

Iowahawk has an amusing post in which he tries to guess who everyone is. He did much better than I; as far as I'm concerned, about four of them were Looks Kinda Familiar. The others -- no clue.

I especially liked the part where they pledged to end Alzheimers and support stem cells and so forth. Not, clearly, by becoming brain surgeons. (Hey, here's an idea: let's pay stem cell researchers the kind of salary these muttonheads earn. We ought to have mortality licked by the end of the decade.)

And then there was the pledge to "keep the 200 year old promise to end slavery". I assume that's going to be accomplished by marching on countries where they don't have slavery but do have lattes and indoor plumbing. Rapid deployment of giant puppet heads and strategic chanting will shame the slave-owning countries out of their bad behavior, unless slave-owning is an Authentic Aspect of their Sacred Native Culture. Then it's cool.

And speaking of plumbing -- be sure and enjoy the fellow who pledges to flush only after a "deuce" and not a "single".

As for Obama: good luck, kid. You're going to need it. With friends like these...

I kiss my biceps in your direction!

Brought to you by the letter O and Tim Blair.