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Friday, January 30, 2009

Foto Friday: The Romance of Radar

What could equal the beauty of sunbeams illuminating a radar station?

UPDATE: See update at bottom.

Sunset with Radar, Haleakala, Nov. 2008Sunset with Radar, Haleakala
Nov. 2008

The thing on the right is a weather radar station, or so I'm told. What the thing on the left is, I don't know ("This End Up"?).

I was going to give you a completely different sunset (if you can imagine), but it required a lot of further "processing", so it'll have to wait. This picture is stunning as wallpaper for my big monitor at work, but it also shows I did just a tidge too much contrast fiddling to bring out the sunbeams. You can't really see it here, though.

It's not all sunsets around here; today I took pictures of the sunrise. Which, from a west-facing beach, is not all that exciting.

I measure the quality of my life in terms of rolls exposed. That is, the more rolls of film exposed, the better my life. 2008 weighed in at something like 16 or 17 (haven't sent it all off yet). This does not match the magic year of 1995 (34, I believe), but is much better than 2003 or 2004, when I had two Christmases on one roll.

I plan to keep Kodak and Fuji in business through 2009.

UPDATE 02/10/09: I have it on good authority that the thingy on the right which I was told was a radar station is actually a transmitter for the FAA. And the thingy on the left ("This End Up") is a GPS antenna.

Not changing the title though. "The Romance of FAA Transmitters" just doesn't soar, dammit.

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