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Friday, January 16, 2009

Foto Friday: Both Sides Now

Here you can look at clouds from both sides at once:

View from Haleakala, Oct. 2008View from Haleakala, Oct. 2008

Click on the picture for a larger version, which I'm not sure will be much clearer. The bright thing on the lower left is the sun shining on Maalaea Bay. Next to it and extending to the right, under the clouds, are the West Maui Mountains. The green stuff is the central plain of Maui (sugar cane fields, mostly). You can see sunbeams shining on it. Behind the bright spot is the island of Lanai.

This was taken near sunset in the cattle range on the way up to Haleakala, from an altitude of 4500, maybe 5000 feet. Took it from a moving car, so it turned out pretty well, considering.

I am not running out of pictures for Foto Friday, but I am running out of topics. "Here's a sunset. Here's a rainbow. Here's a beach. Oh, look, another sunset! Here's a sunrise!" Etc.

Last week's lack of FF was entirely Niles's fault. I went to Houston for Christmas, and toward the end of my visit upgraded my OS to Suse 11.1. Well, I hated it. Many important things wouldn't work right, and the damn thing upgraded my Gimp to the new, pukier version -- contrary to my explicit instructions. After about a day I told him to restore the old version (we'd made a backup), because it just sucked so bad.

He kept telling me to keep working on it, until he finally gave in the day before I left. He started the restore about twelve hours before I had to leave.

It didn't get done.

When the time came to leave for the airport, I cancelled the restore and took the computer home all broken. I started it again the minute I got back home. It finally took at least fifteen hours, finishing while I was at work.

We decided that the problem was that he was using an old copy of Acronis which did not have new and fancy drivers for my newer version of USB. When making the backup, Acronis used new and shiny Windows drivers; but for the restore it used whatever cobwebby versions were contained within itself.

So the moral is: update your drivers. Or buy a new version of the software.

And don't hire cheap labor. (I'm quite capable of breaking my own computer, thank you. I don't need anyone to do it for me. Though as Niles points out, system administration is part of his job, which means he gets paid to fail, whereas I have to fail for free.)

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