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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Impeach Obama!

It was too much to hope that I would be first with this, although it looks as if this outfit (don't click if you don't wanna) meant to impeach him from the Senate. (Thanks to noted aspiring OB/GYN Andrew Sullivan for the link.)

Why wait? Call for Obama's impeachment now and beat the rush! After all, I saw my first "Impeach Clinton" bumper sticker in late fall of '92, between election and inauguration. In fact, I think there ought to be a Constitutional amendment mandating impeachment proceedings against every President from his first day in office until his last. This will have three benefits:

1) Avoid the suspense Sooner or later, every President is going to say or do something that will have the opposition party slobbering for his blood. Maybe he'll refer to Russia as "the Soviet Union" (or vice versa). Maybe they'll find out he never returned a library book in the third grade. Maybe he'll say something during the SOTU that is technically true, but the opposition will insist that he said something else, or meant to say something else, or was really saying something else, in code words so shrill that only dogs and his loyal supporters and outraged opponents and the media and foreigners and Martian bacteria can hear them, but which fool the average American. Maybe he'll call his opponents "my opponents", and be known for a racist. Why hang on tenterhooks waiting for this event? Impeach immediately and automatically, and no one will have to strain his credulity (a painful medical condition which costs Americans millions each year).

2)Busywork It keeps Congress occupied and off the streets.

3) The bastard's guilty anyway. Oh, maybe not of the first offense he's accused of, but if we dig deep enough, sooner or later we'll find that he's guilty of something. If all else fails, we can always force him into an impeachable offense, if only by getting him to swear under oath that his mother-in-law does not look fat in that dress.

Remember: any power-hungry sociopath who would seek the Presidency is already corrupt, has already sold his soul to the highest bidder just to get to the primaries. As Plato wrote, you gotta have a screw loose to want to be President in the first place. What sane person would subject himself to the scrutiny of professional amateur gynecologists and live birth certificationers? Serves 'em right to be impeached.

By the way, I would have written pretty much the same post had McCain won, but not with quite so much satisfaction.

Dissenting opinions (the highest form of patriotism -- remember that come January 20) here and here. Both of them deal more generally with the goody two-shoes, spoilsport theme of urging McCain voters to refrain from hysteria, paranoia, dementia, miasma, hand-wringing, pants-wetting, Valium-popping, and conniption-having -- in short, acting like the Left has lo these eight years.

Of course, it's difficult to make this case when (apparently) hysteria, etc, has propelled the loony left's favorite from obscurity into the White House. More on that later, if I feel motivated.

UPDATE: InstaPundit wants to wait for an actual impeachable offense! Sheesh! That's like closing the barn door after the horses have eaten your children!