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Friday, October 31, 2008

Destroying America, One Vote at a Time!

This afternoon I committed what Tom Blumer (whoever he be) calls a travesty, by voting early. (Blumer's post via InstaPundit, who does not agree on the whole travesty thing.)

We're working some mighty long shifts at work, and next week I have to work Monday and Tuesday. I might get four or five hours of sleep Tuesday morning, and there will be NO time for anything else. So I'd been worried about how I was going to manage to vote, and was very glad to find that I could do it in advance.

So early this afternoon I dragged myself down to the county courthouse. It was packed with early voters; we could hardly get off the elevator for the people already standing in the hallway. But it went pretty quickly, and I was out in about half an hour.

For ballots, we were given a choice of paper or plastic -- i.e., electronic voting. I took plastic, mostly because there wasn't a line for it at that moment.

When I had made my selections, the machine spit out a piece of paper like a cash register receipt (which it retained) for me to check against my electronic suggestions. This serves as a paper trail in case they have to do a recount. Glenn would be pleased.

I don't think much of some of Blumer's objections. Yes, the political landscape can change after you vote. Your preferred candidate can do something spectacularly stupid, which would have changed your mind about him. That can happen after the election, too. Tough noogies.

Most of his other objections pertain to ballot security, which is a concern. But those are also true of absentee ballots, which I don't think anyone questions the need for, and ballots cast on election day as well.

I don't have a driver's license for my new state yet (been putting it off, intending to find another place to live, but it doesn't look like that will happen soon), so when I registered I brought along my passport for ID, and three utility bills, a bank statement, and my car registration for proof of address. This time I brought along those things plus my voter registration card.

They looked at the photo ID, but at no time did they check my address. That does worry me.

Anyhow: travesty! Now I can sleep soundly Tuesday, and try not to be distracted by (almost wrote from -- Freudian slip there) election returns Tuesday night.