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Friday, December 14, 2007

Foto Friday: Three Weird Sisters

Finally had a chance to scan, but mostly I did my mother's stuff. Got a few of my own in though, like this one:

The Blue Mountains, Australia, July 2002The Blue Mountains, Australia, July 2002

This is the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney. Of course there is a legend.

That was taken on my last full day in Australia. It was a damned shame (and entirely my own stupid fault) that I did not get up to the Blue Mountains earlier. This was especially true since they were doing construction work when we were there, and everything was all in a mess. I believe the observation platform shown in that page was torn up, for example. I should have been up there constantly taking pictures, but I'm a goof.

I think I have some pictures taken a little later in the day that are better. You'll get them one day. Betcha can't wait!

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