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Friday, November 23, 2007

Foto Friday: Tropical Breezes

Do I have to say that I didn't get to scan again, and you're getting something stale? Even that excuse is stale. Yet true.

Enjoy a tropical breeze:

Kapa'a Beach, Kauai, Sep. 1995Kapa'a Beach, Kauai, Sep. 1995

For those playing along at home, this picture is just a few yards inland of this one I posted in June. The colors are much more muted here; I'm not entirely sure why. I think that whole roll might have to be re-scanned (sigh -- in my next life).

It was very windy that day, and I think the camera was shaking a little, which may have produced the slightly blurry images. It turned out to be a nice effect.

Oh, and Muahahahaha!

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