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Friday, September 21, 2007

Foto Friday: Always Hoped That I'd See an Apostle...

Well, not always -- just since the Sydney Olympics. The equestrian jumps were modeled after various Australian landmarks, and the Twelve Apostles jump was so beautiful... I should post some pics of that one day.

Didn't look anything like this, however.

Last year I posted this view:

Twelve Apostles, looking east
Victoria, Australia, Dec. 2000

Turn around, and you get this:

Twelve Apostles, looking west
Victoria, Australia, Dec. 2000

I love this view because it looks like this Michael Whelan painting. It's titled Sentinels. What are the sentinels watching for, and why? If after long eons the sea should wear them down, would they become the Twelve Apostles?

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