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Friday, August 03, 2007

Foto Friday: Waffles, We Love Youuuu!

In a bad mood, so today you get teh silly:

Waffle!  Holiday Inn, Issaquah, WA Sep. 2005Waffle!
Holiday Inn, Issaquah, WA, Sep. 2005

Holiday Inn puts their logo on their waffles. Isn't that cute? Apparently most people don't see it, since the waffles come with strawberries and whip cream, and other such impedimenta. I believe, however, that waffles are primarily a vehicle for butter and syrup, and so ordered mine naked. The waffle was naked, I mean. I was fully clothed, I assure you.

I believe that was taken in available light, without a flash, and turned out remarkably well. Enjoy Niles's thumb.

Inexplicably, the great MST3K "Waffle Song" is not on YouTube (instead they have the "No Waffles" sketch from the same episode), but you can hear it here, and sing along with the lyrics here.