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Friday, August 17, 2007

Foto Friday: Uluru -- the Red Centre

The Red Centre[1] is what Australians call the red desert heart of their country.

Um, there. I've told you pretty much all I know about it. Did I mention that it's red?

Uluru at Sunset, Australia, Aug. 2000Uluru at Sunset, Australia, Aug. 2000

I now wish I hadn't tried to fill the frame with the rock, and had allowed some distance between it and the edge. Maybe there was a tour bus parked there, I don't know. The creepy black arms writhing over the right side are bottlebrushes. I'll post a picture of those in daylight some other time.

I showed another sunset picture here. I have dozens more! Isn't that exciting??

[1] Note ye olde quaynte Brittish spellynge[2]
[2] Which I just now unwittingly tried to use in positioning this thing. Note: "text-align:centre" does not work. American imperialism!

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