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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Because Surely No One Else Has Thought of It

"We're going to hit Florida, and march through Georgia, and then we're going to sideswipe the Carolinas and ravish Virginia, swerve through Maryland, and then on to the White House! YEEEAARRRGH!!"

OK, that was a lot funnier when Niles I came up with it.

UPDATE 8/15/07:

(GOES East image from NOAA.)

UPDATE2: Back off, Taranto! And get some damn permalinks.

UPDATE 8/16/07: White House, beware! Hurricane Dean

In other news, Tropical Storm Erin brushed past us this morning, turning the sky cow-interior black and dumping buckets of rain, accompanied by frequent and scary lightning. She's already declined into a Tropical Depression, and will no doubt spend the rest of the day eating chocolate and crying on the phone to her friends.