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Friday, July 13, 2007

Foto Friday: This Is the Forest Primeval

Sequoia National Park, California, Oct. 1995Sequoia National Park, California
Oct. 1995

Well, no, because forests primeval do not have fences and paved paths.

I had beautiful pictures of the Owens Valley to show you, but I decided something went wrong in the scanning and they need to be re-done. They look pretty -- almost as if the landscape were made of brass. But they are not Right. So instead you get these trees.

I was disappointed somewhat with photographing the Big Trees: they were so dark! Except for the parts that were so bright. When the photographs came out they were either under-exposed or over-exposed, except for the ones which were both.

But in this brave new world of image-diddling software, I can fix that. So here's a shot that actually came out kinda nice. Not spectacular, but good enough.

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