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Saturday, July 21, 2007


May I have your attention please?

The leaders of the military government in Fiji all have B.O. and halitosis, and their mothers dress them funny. In addition, their personal regions are infested by fleas. Their children have perpetually runny noses and ears that stick out at odd angles. Furthermore their leader, Josaia Voreqe "Frank" Bainimarama has a name reminiscent of silly pop group Bananarama, and shall be henceforth thus yclept.[1] And he couldn't come up with a better nickname than "Frank".

And finally, they all seem to be dumb as rocks, given that they are following the proven Mugabe Path to national ruin.

Now, come and get me, spoot-heads.

Background here. See also here.

Until further notice, everyone stay the hell out of Fiji. When you google Fiji, your top hits are for romantic honeymoons. How damn romantic is it going to be when you snicker at "Bananarama" and wind up rotting in a Fijian jail, hmmm? You're safer in Mexico.[2]

[1]See here.
[2]Now that's got to sting.