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Friday, July 06, 2007

Foto Friday: Grow Your Own

I spent today scanning old family photos for a CD my mom wants made up. You're not going to get any of those -- family photos are mostly boring to outsiders, anyway. I'm puzzled, though, by the repeated images of myself looking stricken. It's as if, just before every picture, someone had told me that my dog had died. Perhaps that's what happened. We went through dogs quickly in those days.

But whatever the facts of the matter, the result is a parade of black and white images that hint at an unspeakable horror lurking just off -- or perhaps behind -- the camera. And it's not just me; sometimes my whole family is afflicted. (Zanesville: Town of Terror)

Anyhow, y'all get a nice salad of rocket.

Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center, Nov. 2004Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center,
Nov. 2004

In Australia restaurants were always putting "rocket" on things. I eventually figured out it was some kind of lettuce. But it wasn't until I googled it up just now that I learned that it's actually arugula. Can you beat that? Arugula! Well! They were passing off metrosexual "arugula" by giving it the manly name of "rocket".

Could "arugula" scare the bejesus out of the Russians and take men to the moon? I think not. "Ivan! Eez American arugula incomingk!" "Not to worry, Boris. We will drown it in Russian dressingk! Muahaha!"

Sometimes I just don't know when to end these things. Have I said: "Zanesville: City of the Damned" yet?

Almost forgot: past rocketage here. Features garbage bees. Mmm.

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