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What's in the banner?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


That oughta be a new word (or, rather, a new definition to an old word): that sick feeling which comes from viewing an unnecessarily-ugly logo. The BBC has asked for alternative logos (see also here.) Well, here's mine. Note the retro look and marketing tie-in possibilities:

Alternate Olympics Logo Ripping Off Washed-Up Nerd Band
If you don't get the joke, well, you're probably young enough to compete in the Olympics. (I knew a girl in high school who had to hide her boyfriend's loaned 2112 album from her parents because of the pentagram. They're evil, you know.)

This would be a lot more appropriate if the Olympics were held in London, Ontario. And they were the NerdOlympics.

As usual, once I'd finished this, I realized it wasn't going to be as funny as I thought. But I WASTED A LOT OF TIME ON THIS, DAMMIT, AND YOU'RE GOING TO LOOK AT IT!


Via Hot Air. Also, Jim Treacher displays a still from a BBC segment on viewer contributed alternate logos so I don't have to. He also has the YouTube link, so I don't have to soil my blog with it. Does that logo look at all familiar? The hands? The circle? Can you spell g-o-a-t-... I knew you could!

Actually, that would not be the first thing that came into my mind when I saw that logo, but having had it drawn to my attention, I can't see any other explanation.