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Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Money: Cambodia

Because something's gotta get posted.

I don't mean this as a regular feature, but occasionally when I'm really really bored and think you should be too, I'll post some scans from my collection of paper money.

Lileks did Cambodia a while back[1], and I thought I'd put this one up to show that Cambodian notes were more than just combines and spirograph patterns: there are also water buffalo.

Cambodia 500 Riel 1972Cambodia 500 Riel 1972 FrontFront

Cambodia 500 Riel 1972 BackBack

The note is old and dingy, yes, but still beautiful. Always look for French on the banknotes: this is your guarantee of beauty. Former French colonies often have gorgeous notes -- until the past couple of decades, when the rot set in. La Belle France herself gave up that ghost even earlier. This is the sort of thing they got up to before the war (50F, 1931). Now, of course, they have that nasty-colored Euro spirograph money. They'll be featuring combines next, just you watch.

Go here for all your money-ogling needs. And here's a site concentrating on the currency of French Indochina (which included Cambodia). Many lovely notes there, featuring lovelies. How French!