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Friday, May 11, 2007

Film Festival Calls Attention to Ignored Issue

Gosh, this sounds like fun! There's a film festival in town!

"It is an issue that is at the heart of conflict in the world right now," said Sehba Sarwar, founding director of Voices Breaking Boundaries, which organized the festival. "It is one of the most ignored issues, and it is presented from one perspective generally in the west."

What could this sadly ignored issue be? Here, I'll give you a hint: it's the "Houston Palestine Film Festival".

That's right! One of the most ignored issues that has ONLY BEEN IN THE NEWS EVERY GODDAMNED DAY FOR THE PAST FORTY FLIPPIN' YEARS.

Films include Leila Khaled Hijacker and the jolly-sounding Bethlehem Bandolero. There's a still from the latter film accompanying the article. The caption reads:

Bethlehem Bandolero is a kitsch video featuring Larissa Sansour as a Mexican gunslinger arriving in Bethlehem for a duel with the Israeli Segregation Wall.

No comment.

I wonder if they'll be showing the Hamausketeer Show.