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Friday, April 06, 2007

Foto Friday: Fine Arts

Woof! Just getting in under the wire today. I had to do some work (so unfair!) that took up most of the day. Have some fine arts.

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, July 1996Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, July 1996

I was going to gripe that this wasn't the greatest picture in the world, but then I cropped it and fiddled with it, and it turned out much better than I'd thought.

So, I've changed my mind: it is the greatest picture in the world. Except for some of my other ones.

Don't have much to say about the P of FA, except that it's real neat, and that there's a cheesy MST3K movie -- whose name will suddenly occur to me in about three weeks -- that has a brief scene in which stunt men in Roman-ish armor perform a little tepid swordplay amongst the columns.

I nearly choked when I saw it. It kinda precipitates the disbelief when you recognize Ancient Whatsopolis from your vacation. "Watch out, Maximus! I tripped over that sidewalk in 1996!"

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