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Friday, April 27, 2007

Foto Friday: Artists' Drive

Artists' Drive, Death Valley, CA, Aug. 1995Artists' Drive, Death Valley, CA, Aug. 1995

Almost forgot about Foto Friday! Don't have much to say about this: the sky is an impossibly dark blue, and there seems to be a pyramid lurking over in the upper right, waiting to pounce. It might've wandered over from Vegas.

The colors are caused by various minerals in the rock, as you might imagine. Looks like a spumoni spill. There are other views of the area which resemble delicious fudge ripple.

We went in August, as you can see, and it was hot, but it wasn't that hot. I don't think it was over 100. Someone told us that only foreigners go to Death Valley in the summer, and so it proved.

I'd like to go back some day and spend about a week photographing the place. I'd go out at sunrise and sunset, and spend the rest of the day sleeping. I'll have to become rich first: the ice cream was pricey.

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