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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Damn You Charles Johnson!

OK, in addition to being a neocon nazi zionist phallofascist tool of occidental hegemonic capitalism, or whatever this week's slur is, he's also unleashed unto the blogosphere this little harbinger of the Apocalypse.

Still from

That is the music video for Israel's entry for the Eurovision song contest, "Push the Button" by the group Teapacks. (Apparently in Israel they're known as "Tippex", which is the British name for White-Out. I figure there's a copyright issue here somewhere.)

The worst part about this song is that it's horribly catchy. Don't click unless you want an ear bug the rest of the day. Most of LGF's commenters say that they're fixating on "POOOOSH the but-ton", but I get:

And I
Don't wanna die
I wanna see the flowers bloom
Don't wanna go kaput kaboom

Who could argue with that, eh?

YouTube counts down the time, so that part comes at about 2:16 -- i.e. with
2:16 left to go. That's when you discover that the lead singer actually has a beautiful voice. I actually looked around reflexively to see who was singing.

One of the LGF commenters found the lyrics here in Hebrew and badly-spelled French and English. The French part translates (more or less) to:

There's much suffering
In the streets there's too much violence
And there's a good chance
[Two lines I can't decipher]
Tactical advance
of a fanatic regime
Tragic situation
that puts tears in my eyes

My French is not up to the orthography on that page, and Babelfish is likewise

LGF commenter WriterMom formed some sort of group translation orgy and came up with a translation for the Hebrew lyrics here and here, but she's obviously not 100% confident of the accuracy. Commenter cba finished them off.

Zombie identifies the genre is "Nerdy Jewish Apocalyptic Cabaret Rap". Pretty much.

Disturbing aspects:

  • The way they're all dressed.
  • The creepy/comical German-y accent on the lead singer.
  • The accordion player(!!) keeps pointing his pipe at me. Make him stop.

Naturally the Euros are springing into action to ban the song:

"It's absolutely clear that this kind of message is not appropriate for the competition," said Kjell Ekholm, an organizer of the contest.

Naw, just tell 'em that Bush is the "crazy ruler" and all will be well.

UPDATE: Pardon my French! French speakers at Rantburg correct it in the comments.