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Friday, January 05, 2007

Sangria Math

That must have been what I was using when I calculated that twelve days of petits fours images would get us all the way from Christmas to Epiphany. (Also when I calculated that twelve days of petits fours anagrams would be fun.) I guess the point is that the Twelve Days of Christmas starts the day after Christmas. Perhaps it was going to be the Thirteen Days of Christmas but that was just too scary.

I photographed a few more anagrams, but they're even less funny than the ones I posted. So I'm quitting with twelve, even though Epiphany isn't until tomorrow.

I did, however, save the best one for last:

Too Much Information.

I'd like to thank, or possibly curse, the Swiss Colony for making talking petits fours in the first place. We had a choice of these "Happy Holidays!" petits fours, or petits fours that spelled out Merry Christmas or Let It Snow. The "Merry Christmas" petits fours were mini petits fours, which Niles objected to, and the "Let It Snow" petits fours were strawberry only, which didn't interest me. Although that can be used to spell out "We Lit Snot", so maybe next year. ("Merry Christmas" contains several phrases employing the word "shit", but we are far too decorous to ruin the Christmas spirit in that way. Probably.)

Most of the anagrams were discovered through the use of the Internet Anagram Server. You didn't think I'd waste my time with this silliness, did you?

If you liked this series -- thank you, but you're kind of odd. You might want to check with your doctor. If you hated it -- it was all Niles's idea, and he stole it from Fawlty Towers.

The actual petits fours are gone now, long gone. But they live on in our hearts. And our waists, hips, and thighs.

Start here to view the whole sordid affair.