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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Prodigal Returns

A lot of people take up this here now blogging thing for a while, and then other things intervene -- babies, houses, work, whatever -- and they just slowly drop it. This happens to even good, entertaining bloggers who seem devoted to their blogs (as opposed to dilettantes like me).

And that's what I figured happened to Stephen Green of VodkaPundit. He got him a fancy new look to his blog, and then he got him a baby and the blog took a back seat. He last posted on September 11, but hadn't posted regularly since late August. So I figured he'd just found fatherhood more interesting or challenging, and he was letting the blog die. Piker.

But no. In fact, he's been sick. Scary sick. Go over there and read, and wish him a speedy recovery. And get him to eat some of that fatted calf.