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Friday, December 22, 2006

Foto Friday: Warrumbungles

Sunset at Warrumbungles National Park, Australia, July 2000Sunset at Warrumbungles National Park
Australia, July 2000

Warrumbungles N.P. is in central New South Wales. It takes eight hours to get there from Sydney by car (less if you're a lead-footed Indian, but I digress), and looking at the map you see there's still plenty more NSW where that came from.

As you can see, the landscape there is stunning. Off to the left of the picture the land flattens, and, I was told, remains flat until you get to the other side of the continent. A Google image search on "Warrumbungles" leads you to many beautiful photographs, most better than any I have. I was unable to do the actual hiking required to get those pictures while I was there, but I did play "Astrogulf" at the Skywatch Observatory in nearby Coonabarabran. I have pictures of that, too, but they're less than stunning.

This Coonabarabran page has a nice close-up of the same view. The layered hill in the center of that picture (and to the right in mine) is called the "Wedding Cake".

I had forgotten exactly when this picture was taken, so I was surprised to find that it was on the same roll as the Tasman Bridge photo from two weeks ago. That means that was the time I left Hobart before dawn, flew to Sydney, and drove straight to Coonabarabran, arriving in time for dinner. This itinerary is not recommended.

Got a good picture out of it, though.

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