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Friday, December 01, 2006

Foto Friday: Hit the Beaches!

Baby, it's cold outside![1][2]

It was in the low 70s and muggy Wednesday night, so we put on the air conditioning. I knew a front was expected, so when I woke up I opened the window to find a cold breeze blowing. I turned off the air. Niles objected, saying it was still warm when he brought in the paper, about twenty minutes before.

But in that twenty minutes the temperature had dropped at least ten degrees. This morning the paper said that it had dropped twenty degrees in an hour, but I think that's only because they only take the temperature once an hour.

Sometime yesterday it was snowing in Dallas (although I don't imagine they got more than a dusting). They were predicting 2-4 inches in St. Louis and 2-4 feet in Chicago (or something like that; it wasn't very clear).

Is Al Gore on one of his global warming warning tours? That's usually good for a sudden cold snap.

UPDATE: Niles says that Al Gore was on the Tonight Show on Wednesday. Ah-HA! It's a miracle we're all still alive!

So: December! Let's see what they're doing in Australia...

Coogee Beach, Sydney, Dec. 1999Coogee Beach, Sydney, Dec. 1999

(Technically, Coogee Beach is in Coogee, but let's not quibble.)

Ahhh. It's summer down there, of course. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that it'll be 80 down there today (which, strangely enough, is what it was here, Wednesday afternoon). Perhaps Al's legacy is still lingering down there. The above photo was taken later in the month, around Christmas.

Can you find Tim Blair in this picture?[3]

[1]This one's going out to my very special friend, Sayyid Qutb.

[2]Oh, and I blame Bush.

[3]Actually, Tim lives in Bondi.

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