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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mighty Mo

Niles suggested (too late) that yesterday's photo should pertain to Veterans' Day. I don't have much that's relevant, but I do have some pictures of Pearl Harbor.

Somewhere I may have better pictures, from an earlier trip, but I don't know what's become of those, so this will have to do.

USS Arizona Memorial from the USS Missouri
Pearl Harbor, HI, Jan. 2002

I've been to Hawaii several times, but rarely stop in Honolulu. The trip in 2002 was only the second time. The first time, in 1989, I visited the Arizona Memorial. I remember there were a surprising number of Japanese tourists.

The Missouri wasn't in Pearl Harbor when I visited in '89, though, since it had been de-mothballed in 1986 and was off doing battleshippy things, like making a Cher video. In 1991, however, she had a more dignified duty, in the first Gulf War. (The Missouri, remember, was fifty years old that year.)

I had a lot of chatty nonsense to say about the Missouri, but it's not appropriate to the occasion. For now, then, just links to the Arizona and Missouri memorials.