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Friday, November 03, 2006

Foto Friday: Phall

View from Mt. Lemmon, AZ, Oct. 1994View from Mt. Lemmon, AZ
Oct. 1994

We're having unseasonably cool weather here today (i.e., we're not drowning in our own sweat)[1]. So here's a fall-like image for you. I meant to post this last month (since it was taken in October), but didn't get many scanning opportunities.

When I took this picture I thought, "Damn that pesky dead tree! It would be a beautiful view if that thing wasn't in the way!" Now I know that's Art.

A nice mountain-top vista? That's nothing. Crap. Anyone could photograph that. But find some ugly thing blocking the view, and you've got artistic gold, baby. Only the most exquisitely-tuned sensibilities can recognize the beauty in an old dead tree.

[1]UPDATE: I blame Bush.

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