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Friday, October 13, 2006

Foto Friday: Golden Grouch

Am not feeling well today. None of my pictures look good. So you'll take what's coming and like it:

Golden Gate Bridge, April 1994

Golden Gate Bridge, April 1994

I scanned another roll yesterday (Thursday has become scanning day). They all came out in weird colors, with dust and spots the software wouldn't remove. It's so hard to judge what the colors will be from the laptop screen. I'm going to have to bring the scanner into the study so that I can use the big Samsung monitor, like I am right now. Of course, that doesn't mean that the colors that I'm seeing are the ones you're seeing.

There's a "fade correction" (something like that) on the scanner software. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesn't do much, and sometimes, as in the above picture, it seems to do too much. The color of the bridge doesn't look right, but a quick image search shows that others get this color, too, so maybe it's OK.

The prints made off this negative have a pink tinge to the clouds, while the hills and ocean have a dreamy, blurred look to them (which also shows up in this image). I wouldn't be surprised if the film was old.

I like the way the famous beautiful view is enhanced with a caution sign. Next time I'll bring a box to stand on, and maybe I can get a photo without it. (It's not as if I'm short, either.)

This was taken a day or so after I moved to California. I sure miss it. Wish I could go back to stay.

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