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Friday, September 08, 2006

Foto Friday: Digital Ice

I'm trying to avoid posting photos scanned from prints, because I'm hoping to get a film scanner any day now. Canon is supposed to be releasing a new version of a scanner that's gotten very good reviews, but no one has it yet. You can't even buy it from Canon's site.

(I'd rather have a dedicated film scanner, but they're too much money right now.)

When I get it, if I ever do, I'll be able to post much nicer images than the print scans. So I'm trying to post only those photos for which I have digital copies. Like this one:

Mr. Rainier, WA, Sep. 2005
Mr. Rainier, WA, Sep. 2005

I like the way the road seems to run right up into the curving ridges of the mountain.

I took that almost a year ago, when we were fleeing Hurricane Rita. The really busy hurricane season we were promised seems to be getting off to a slow start, so there probably won't be any fleeing to be done this year.

I figured I'd still have plenty of time to post this deliciously cool image before fall arrived (which comes here just a little too late for Christmas), but it's not been all that warm lately. Why, it's not been above 95 all week!

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